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NL-1-2014-LETTER-1 CELLS... CELLS IN LIVING MICE 'REPROGRAMMED' TO EMBRYONIC-LIKE STATE S. Sharmilabanu.,(B.Pharm Final Year), Vels university. Stem cells Stem cells are undifferentiated biological...


NL-1-2014-LETTER-2 -... BETTER ACTION ON WARFARIN ON YOUNGER HEART FAILURE PATIENTS   By:  Dhulipala Sowmya.,(B-Pharm II year),Vels University Warfarin may be more beneficial than aspirin in...


... EFFECTS OF POLLUTION ON HUMAN HEALTH By:Rohin kumar.,(B-Pharm I Year)Vels Uuniversity The overview of main health effects on humans from some common types of pollution....


NL-1-2014-LETTER-4... PROGERIA By:  Prithivi Logathasan,(B-Pharm III Year),Vels University HGPS (Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome) or Progeria is an extremely rare, fatal genetic condition....


NL-1-2014-LETTER-5... OBESE MADE LEAN BY LEANS By:  S.Santhya.,(B-Pharm-Final Year)Vels University The Microbes from Lean People Act as Anti-Obesity Agents. Bugs that lurk in the guts of slim...


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